This page contains a selective list of my publications and presentations. You can find a complete list of my works on my CV.


2021. Tense and aspect in Indo-European: A usage-based approach to the verbal systems of the R̥gveda and Homer. [manuscript]


Forthcoming. Habitual BE in American English. Festschrift for Prof. Tim Stowell. [paper]

2021. The development of the Imperfect in Ancient Greek from simple past to imperfective as a blocking phenomenon. Journal of Greek Linguistics 21.1:58–150. [] [paper, appendix]

2020. Inceptives in Ancient Greek. Proceedings of the 31st Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference (November 8–9, 2019): 139–159. Bremen: Hempen Verlag. [paper]

2020. A New Approach to Prohibitive Constructions in the R̥gveda and the AtharvavedaJournal of the American Oriental Society 140.4:777–802. [] [paper]

2018. Aspects of the Indo-European Aorist and Imperfect: Re-evaluating the evidence of the R̥gveda and Homer and its implications for PIE. Indo-European Linguistics 6:1–68. [] [paper]

2017. Synchronic and Diachronic Derivation of Greek n– and nt-stem Nominative Singular Formations. Proceedings of the 28th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference (November 11–12, 2016):95–118. Bremen: Hempen Verlag. [paper]


2022. “A pragmatic analysis of the R̥gvedic injunctive,” presented at the 12th (Formal) Approaches to South Asian Languages conference ((F)ASAL-12), University of Utah (9 April 2022). [slides]

2022. “Root aorists with primary endings in Vedic: A tēzzi principle?” presented at the 232nd Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society in Boston, Mass. (18 March 2022). [handout]

2021. “Mycenaean o-/jo– and the performative Aorist,presented at the 32nd Annual Indo-European Conference, UCLA (online). [slides]

2021. “Augmented Reality: A diachronic pragmatic approach to the development of the IE injunctive and augment,presented at Proto-Indo-European Reconstruction: Problems, Possibilities, and New Perspectives, University of Cambridge (online). [handout]

2021. “Drewitt’s Rule and the origin of the augment,presented at the 40th East Coast Indo-European Conference (online). [slides]

2021. “Prohibition types in Ancient Greek: A comparative approach,” presented at the Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting (online). [handout]

2019. “bhūtakaraṇa- or āgama-?: The Subtractive Semantics of the Augment in the R̥gveda,” presented at the American Oriental Society 229th Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL (18 March 2019). [handout]